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Negligence Result In A Workplace Injury?

Workplace injuries can happen at any job, but in some professions, the risk of such an injury may be higher. From construction sites to oil fields, where heavy machinery and sophisticated equipment are used, the danger of getting hurt is very real. Although workers’ compensation may cover some expenses that arise from these types of injuries, it likely won’t account for everything. As such, you may need to explore other options for recovery, including a personal injury lawsuit.

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury and are uncertain of how to pursue the compensation you deserve, reach out to me, attorney Robert A. Rodriguez, today. Here at the Law Offices of Robert Rodriguez, you will get the personal attention that a complex work-related injury case like yours requires.

Was A Third Party Involved?

No matter how diligent your employer may be about safety at your work site, you can still get hurt by a negligent third party.

Examples of a third-party injury can include the following scenarios and more:

  • A careless contractor causes an explosion in an oil field that severely injures you.
  • A reckless driver cuts you off and causes your semi truck to jackknife.
  • A manufacturer sells defective rigging equipment that allows a heavy object to fall on you.
  • A supervisor’s oversight leads to dangerous work conditions that cause you injury.

Even if a third party is only partially responsible for your pain and suffering, legal action is still a must.

Why You Should Pursue A Third-Party Claim

A serious workplace injury can mean a lifetime of struggle for you and your loved ones. It can also mean a lifetime of financial instability. But this does not have to be the case. Through the pursuit of fair compensation, you may be able to recover money that your family desperately needs while you are unable to work.

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