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Personalized And Compassionate Legal Advocacy

The split second it takes for an accident to occur is life changing. The simple act of driving a car, operating a motorcycle, riding a bicycle or walking on a sidewalk can turn tragic in an instant. In more serious cases, the collision can end the life of a loved one. While medical attention comes first, legal representation is vital to protect your rights.

You Need A Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer Following A Car Accident

Whether you are suffering from minor injuries or grieving the death of a loved one in an auto accident, I can help. I am Robert Rodriguez. I established the Law Offices of Robert Rodriguez in Houston to help my fellow Texas residents overcome the obstacles they face.

Insurance companies are not on your side. Adjusters and law enforcement will hold you accountable. As your attorney, I will look out for your best interests, protect your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. My job is to get to the facts and hold the negligent party accountable.

I will handle all aspects of your case, building your serious injury claim to secure the best possible outcome. While many cases settle, I am prepared to litigate if negotiations fail to get you the compensation you deserve.

Take Action To Get The Justice You Deserve

Handling all personal injury cases on a contingency basis means that you do not pay legal fees unless I collect a settlement or judgment. Call my Houston law office at 713-491-4205 or fill out my firm’s online intake form.